Our affiliate program allows you to promote and sell incense and ethnobotanicals, without the hassle of buying inventory, shipping products, answering phones, and all that comes with running a business. With our affiliate program, you can even make money without any marketing skills.  Simply send a few friends to your site or your link, and with a few clicks and purchases, you can make significant additional income.  You also get paid 20% of each and every sale completed through your link!  Furthermore, we are paying several Affiliates over $1,500.00/month as of 2006...that is a GREAT income for simply having a great website.

ALSO: We have initiated our TOP 20 SELLERS program for Affiliates who are our most loyal and top earners, which offers a 25% commission for each and every sale! - That can add up quite quickly, and does for the Top 20 Affiliates already.


You can apply HERE.
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Terms & Conditions are found HERE.


You simply place either a text link or a banner of your choosing on your website using the simple HTML code we provide you with. When a potential customer clicks through the link and completes their purchase at IAmShaman, you are automatically credited 20% of the Total Sale! The link is completely masked, and visitors won't even know that you are earning a percentage of every click and every sale. Once a customer buys through your link, your account will always be credited for any purchase they make now or in the future.


Competitors can offer larger commissions, but percentages are meaningless if they don't translate into sales. 25% of no sales because a customer wasn't convinced to purchase from the website doesn't translate into money in your pocket. We have an incredibly high rate or return customers, and once a customer comes through you, you always get credit for any purchase they make at the shop. Ask around the web; we have one of the best reputations out there, and are known not only for our speedy delivery and our customer service, but for having superior products for less than anyone else. We are here because we are passionate about what we do, and are happy to make less if it means more actual sales and more botanicals getting out to more people.


1. We assume that if you have a website, you or whomever uploaded your website would know how to paste a link or banner into your site. If not, we are always here to help, and if you can access your website, we can walk you through the simple process. We have complete coding, banners, pre-made links to our site and individual products, and a helpful staff that will walk you through every step of the process.
2. If you DON'T have a website, you can still sign up and simply use the provided text link to post wherever you feel it is appropriate, such as a newsgroup or forum that wouldn't consider your link to us as spam.


You will get either a check written directly to you whenever your account reaches $50.00 or more.  Commissions accumulate each month until the $50.00 threshhold is reached.

For example: $1,000.00 in sales = $200.00 check to you!

It's really that SIMPLE!


1. We have a very sophisticated tracking system in place, and any abuse will result in the immediate termination of any account, and all funds will be forfeited. You CAN have your friends click through your banners and order form IAS, but the IP address can't be your own, or the sale is automatically disqualified. Clicks from the same IP address will only count once every 24 hours, so an avid friend can click on your link all day, but it will only count once every 24 hours.

2. If any affiliate account generates more click commissions than sales commissions, that affiliate will be moved to the "Clicks Disabled" account at our discretion.  This allows our affiliates to place their links on systems that automate banner impressions and clicks, without losing any sales commissions.  The $0.02 Pay Per Banner Click is simply a way to allow Affiliates to generate a few extra dollars per month in commissions, and any intentional or unintentional abuse of the $0.02 per click perk we offer will simply move you to an account that disables commissions for link and banner clicks, but retains the full 20% commission rate for each and every sale you make.



A large part of our success is because of our treasured affiliates. We are not as big as the corporate giants, but we care deeply about what we do, we care deeply about our customers, and we are passionate about what we offer on our site. Most importantly, unlike many other sites, we have taken extra precautions as well to ensure the continued success of our business no matter what the FDA may someday decide about any of the products we offer.

So, as a result of our appreciation for our Affiliates, we have made several changes to the Affiliates program. Please take careful note; the first 2 points require MINOR changes to your Affiliate Links:

1. You need to change 2 things in your Affiliate Links ASAP. We have changed to a far more powerful scripting language, and need you to reference the NEW page instead. Your links will still work until you change, but your sales will NOT be counted after today; 25 AUG 2004 (We are SO sorry for the inconvenience, and will GLADLY reimburse anyone for lost Affiliate Sales!).
The new link code provides all the powerful features, including far tighter tracking of hits and sales.

- Change "aw.asp" to "aw.aspx" instead in your Affiliate Link Code.
- Change "" to "" in your Affiliate Link Code ONLY.

2. The Affiliate Program now runs from here:

We have devoted an entire site to the Affiliate Program, so you can simply access that site for all things Affiliate-related now. We have a temporary panel up right now, but we will soon be putting an entire site of resources just for you there, such as detailed instructions, FAQ’s and helpful tips to get your links and your site noticed.

3. We've increased commissions for ALL Affiliates to 20%!!!  Also, we have created several additional categories such as “Partner Websites” and “Top Affiliates”. Both of those affiliate types get added benefits which include 25% commission of all sales and immediate approval of all sales. Checks are cut at the beginning of each month automatically.  You can no longer trade your commission for store credit; you will always receive cash.

4. The tracking is much tighter, and there are more options for Affiliates when they log in. We can now create a link to any product or product page you wish; you simply need to ask us and we’ll add it for you.

This will be a simple change for you, but it will bring big benefits. If you haven’t visited our site in a while, have a look around; we have continually expanded our exposure and our product line…due to our high ranking on most major search engines, adding a link to us is now very beneficial to your site and its ranking as well...

Call or e-mail with any questions whatsoever:

(312) 455-8271 or affiliates at iamshaman dot com


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